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Classification of LED Display Screen

Classification of LED Display, how to classify LED display? how to classify LED screens? There are many ways to classify the LED signs.

According to the location applied, LED display can be divided into two basic types: outdoor LED display and indoor LED display.

Outdoor LED display

Outdoor LED display is mainly used in outdoor applications. The main features of outdoor LED displays are high brightness, windproof, waterproof, and dustproof. High brightness to ensure the video, image, or text in the LED display can be seen from a long distance. In general, the viewing distance for our LED display can be up to 100 meters, for a P20mm giant-size LED sign the viewing distance can be up to 200 meters. and the LED display cabinets have seal and waterproof protection. this feature can ensure the LED display can work well in an outdoor environment. Outdoor LED displays can be designed with specific sizes to the customers’ requirements and the locations applied. 

Currently, Outdoor LED display can be divided into the following types according to the pixel of the LED module: P4mm outdoor SMD LED display, P5mm outdoor SMD LED display, P6mm SMD outdoor LED display, P6.67mm SMD LED display, P8mm SMD LED display, P10mm SMD LED display, P10mm DIP LED display, P16mm DIP LED display.

Outdoor LED display

Indoor LED display

Indoor LED displays are mainly used in indoor applications. Indoor LED screens can’t used in outdoor applications because the display cabinet doesn’t have a seal and waterproof abilities. Compared with outdoor LED displays, the indoor LED display brightness is low and the viewing distance for indoor LED signs is just only a few meters. 

Currently, indoor LED display is mainly divided into the following types according to the pixel of LED module: P2mm indoor LED display, P2.5mm indoor LED display, P3mm indoor LED display, P4mm indoor LED display, P5mm indoor LED display, P6mm indoor LED display, P7.62mm indoor LED display, P8mm indoor LED display, P10 indoor LED display. 

Besides, with the development of technology, more small pixel indoor LED displays are put on the market, for example, P1.667mm HD indoor LED display, P1.92mm HD indoor LED display, etc. The indoor LED display is mainly used in locations such as stages, shopping centers, malls, supermarkets, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, bars, KTVs, stations, airports, etc

According to LED’s color, LED display can be divided into three basic types: single-color LED display, double-color LED display and full-color LED display.

Single color LED display

This type of LED display pixel has only one single color. Currently, there are 5 basic types. Single red color LED display, Single green color LED display, single white color LED display, single yellow color LED display, single blue color LEED display.  But most clients select red color as their first choice as its luminescent efficiency is higher, which makes the screen is brighter. when people want to select a single-color LED display, we always recommend they to use a P10mm single red LED display, which is a brighter product in the LED display market.

Single Color LED display

Double color LED display

Every pixel of this kind of LED display has two base colors: red and green.

Full color LED display

Full-color LED display display consists of red, green, and blue three base color.

According to usage, LED display can be divided into two basic types: fixed LED display and rental LED display.

Fixed LED display

This kind of LED display is installed in one place and will not move frequently. Fixed LED screen cabinet mostly consists of Iron steel or aluminum material,  and also cabinets with high hardness.

Fixed LED display

Rental LED display

This kind of display is mainly used for rental events. The main features of rental LED screens are portability, fast disassembly, and assembly. More lighter weight cabinet design enables the display to be easily carried, transported, and fast installation in just a few minutes. 

The rental LED display cabinet is mostly of Die-cast aluminum material, which can ensure the LED screen is light and easy to transport, has good flatness, and is seamless. 

Currently, the rental LED display cabinet size is mainly 500mm×500mm or 500mm×1000mm. This size cabinet is mostly used for the following pixels: P2.98mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.68mm. P5.95mm, P6.25mm, which LED module is the same size as 250mm×250mm. Other size cabinets are 512mmx512mm, 480mmx480mm, 576mmx576mm, 640mmx640mm, 768mmx768mm.

Rental LED display

In addition, LED displays can be classified into the following types according to the pixel: P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P5.95mm, P6.25mm, P6.67mm, P7.62mm, P8mm, P10mm, P16mm, etc

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