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Application of Cinema LED display

In the cinema, the small pixel LED display has absolute advantages, conforms to the DCI-P3 color gamut standard, and has a brightness of 146fl, which is 10 times that of traditional digital cinema. In addition to the active light emission, it naturally has high light interference resistance and can bring more Good viewing experience. The 4K projector can only achieve high-definition picture quality in the center area of the screen, and the defocus problem usually exists at the edges. However, at present, the price of LED cinema is almost twice that of IMAX, which is a serious injury.

The low brightness may easily cause the user to watch for a long time causing dizziness and eye pain. The LED display factory selects the appropriate lamp beads, driver IC and controller, and designs a reasonable circuit to ensure that the led display screen achieves different brightness. At the same time, the LED display is active and the surface mask adopts diffuse reflection design to ensure even exposure of the screen and the display effect is consistent.

The high cost and high technical allocation are the important obstacles for LED display screen to enter the cinema market. This is an issue that LED screen companies should consider. For viewers, the most tolerable LED display is: black screen or no The signal area, in most cases, is due to a fault in the switching power supply. Compared to projectors, the failure rate of LED displays is higher than that of projectors because of the hugeness of the system. Therefore, if you want to push small-pitch LED displays to the cinema market, reliability is an important system in the industry. engineering.

It must be mentioned that the cinema is a crowded place, and there is a certain risk of burning of the LED display itself. Therefore, the selection of flame-retardant or non-combustible materials is the basic requirement for the LED display to enter the cinema line. Due to the limited space in the theater, the effects of heat radiation and electromagnetic radiation on the human body must be fully considered.

In the long run, it is possible for Cinema LED screens to replace traditional projections. This vision will also lead the display device toward better direction.

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