About us

Founded in 2008, We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of advanced led display Company has rich experience to innovate new products and introducing new technology into led display field, is committed to developing and manufacturing high-tech products with best services by the most experienced and top-level R&D (research and development) team.

Since founded Our company is focusing on improving the research technology and developing new LED Display products for LED screen field, will commit to offer the top professional and industry-leading LED Display solutions, competitive products and services for engineering contractors, operators and LED display manufacturers.Over the years, We adhere to the principles of “quality first, best service, customers our priority, leading technology, reliable quality”.

Through our hardworking efforts of more than 10 years in the past, We have developed a series of stable-performance, credible quality, and high Quality-to-Price ratio products. All our products have impressed all the domestic and overseas customers with high & reliable quality.

Our mission is to draw upon a spirit of artisanship and perfectionism to create the most reliable and custom-designed integrated led display, as of now, we have brought the LED displays to more than 112 countries. Since 2008, We has been the pioneer of led display technology and was the first to provide custom-designed display system for the world A-list brand like Louis Vuitton. It is our passion to continuously reinvent the way you display by our constantly upgraded led display technology.

Our superb technology, quality products, good services, won the praise of and foreign investors, and as always, We will wholeheartedly provide you with world’s first-class products and best services.