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A Computer To Control Multiple displays (Send Cards)

Computer To Control Multiple displays (Send Card), know How to control multiple led display with a computer using colorlight LED control Card.

I. Description   Scene three different sizes, different screen sizes LED1, LED2, LED3. Three display area, respectively LED1: 16 full color sweep 384 * 256 pixels; LED2: 8 Esau full color 256 * 256 pixels; LED3: static full color 128 x 256 pixels. Program contents are displayed on three different displays. Demand: Using a computer, send a card while controlling the three displays! Computer-To-Control-Multiple-displays   Diagram (Figure 01)

II, the hardware device

Required hardware equipment: One computer; Send a card; Colorlight receiver card (T9, A8,5A here can be used as a controller card, for example, this article is 5A); Gigabit Switch (optional)

III, the software settings

1, the configuration screen parameters Separately for each piece of LED display parameter settings, save the parameter file LED1.rcvp; LED2 rcvp; LED3. Rcvp. (For specific parameter setting procedure, refer to “5A receiver card commissioning steps”) 2, set the number of screens Open the “Control Screen” → “Screen Management” to enter the screen management interface, and set the number of screens to “1.” At this time, the Software is only an LED screen.


Set interface (Figure 02)     3, the loading screen parameters Send a copy of the card is used in desktop mode, you need three LED displays in a different area, by receiving a card connection settings change each screen coordinates. The computer and the first piece of the LED display with a net line directly connected, click on the software’s “Screen Management” in the “Configuration select screen parameters”, “password” 168 “, enter” receiving card parameter settings “screen, click” File Load “Load the first step to get the” LED1. rcvp “, and” Send to receive the card.


Loading parameters (Figure 03).     Disconnect the network cable, connect LED2, loading parameters, modify connection settings, right LED1 width, and send to the receiver card.


Connection settings (Figure 04)   Disconnect the network cable, connect LED3, loading parameters, modify connection settings, right LED1, and LED2 total width, and send to the receiver card.

Note: A. loading screen parameters of the process, the computer must be loaded with an LED display parameters are directly connected, other

LED display of the network cable must be disconnected.

IV, the hardware connection

Kalai Te control system software is set up, the hardware connection is quite flexible, and customers can according to the construction site The actual hardware connection environment is mainly in the following three options after the summary. A. series


Serial diagram (Figure 05)     B. Parallel   Parallel-diagram-Control-Multiple-displays   Parallel diagram (Figure 06)   C. Even mixed

colorlight led control card solution download

Even the mixing diagram (Figure 07)

V、Edit the program

As long as players are in the specified location corresponding program, the display will be able to display properly. You can build an LED, add different program windows, can create different LED tablecloths.

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