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A Computer To Control Multiple LED Display

Computer To Control Multiple Displays (Send Card), know How to control multiple LED displays with a computer using Colorlight LED control Cards.


There are three different sizes and different specifications LED display screen LED1, LED2, and LED3 which show different images on the three displays. The differences are as follows.

LED1: dual color LED display, 256*128 pixels, 1/16 scan mode
LED2: full color LED display, 128 * 256 pixels, 1/8 scan mode
LED3: static full-color display 256 * 256 pixels.

Hardware required: Gigabit Ethernet, Computer, LED display, Colorlight controller (we use Colorlight T9, A85A for example ), HUB adapter card.

A Computer To Control Multiple LED display

Configure software

2.1 Setter parameters of the LED display

Configure the parameters of each LED display separately, and save the parameters file as LED1.DAT; LED2.DAT; LED3.DAT. (You can refer to “Colorlight LEDShowT9 User Manual used for Colorlight T9 and A8 LED Control card” for specific parameter setting procedures)

2.2 Setter parameters of the LED display

Click on “Control ” → “Screen Management” to go into the screen management window, input screen count “3.”, than, the software will generate three LED options automatically. Set the LED screen size according to the specification of LED display, LED1: 256 * 128,LED2: 128 * 256, LED3: 256 * 256.

2.3 Loading display parameters

Connect the computer and the first LED display named LED1 by a network cable directly, and select “LED1” in “Screen Management” of the software LEDShowT9 (which has a blue background if is selected), just as shown in above image 02, click on “Configure parameters for selected screen”, enter password “168”, get into “Receiver card parameters setting LED1″ window, click ” load from file ” button to load “LED1.DAT” which obtained from the 2.1 step (Setter parameters of the LED display). Disconnect the network cable that links the computer and the LED1 LED display and repeat the same step to set the parameters of LED display “LED2”, and “LED3”.


A. When loading screen parameters, the LED display which is loading parameters must be connected directly to the computer; the other LED display’s cable must be disconnected from the LED display.
B. In the setting LED2, LED3 must choose the correct LED display in the control area before sending parameters. (Figure in step 2.2)

Connecting hardware

After setting up the software of the Colorlight control system successfully, the hardware connection is quite flexible, customers can choose hardware connection according to the actual situation There are about three main schemes of actual environment hardware connection

3.1 Series connection

series connection

3.2 Parallel connection

Parallel connection

3.2 Series-parallel Connection

Series-parallel connection

Send offline program

what we should do when we choose Colorlight A8 Dual mode Synchronous & Asynchronous LED control card to send offline programs to each LED display through the software LEDShowT9?

Open the software LEDShowT9, edit the program for each LED display.

LEDShowT9 Windows
Click the ” Send program ,Pop up the following dialog:
Send program of LEDShowT9

If the program sent to the LED 1 screen, select the LED1. if to LED2 screen then LED2, if to LED3 screen LED3 ,After waiting to be sent.

Send program of LEDShowT9

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