• 16:9 P1.875mm HD LED Display
16:9 P1.875mm HD LED Display

16:9 P1.875mm HD LED Display

Colorlight 16:9 P1.875mm HD led display screen LED video wall Standard Size 600mmX337.5mm, Colorlight P1.875mm LED display screen with Super High Refresh Rate.

Pixel pitch: 1.875 mm
Refresh rate: >2000 Hz
Brightness: 500-1000 nits
Cabinet Size: 600mm*337.5mm*80mm
Cabinet Weight: 7.8kg
Contrast Ratioo: 5000:1
Viewing Angle: Horizontal/160; Vertical/160
Grey Scale: 65536
Thin Thickness: 80mm

Product Features:

1: Standard Size Panel: 300*168.75mm
2: Standard Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm
3:Seamless Splicing, Super Wide Viewing Angle, Highly Accurate Brightness & Color Consistency
4:It delivers an image which is super subtle and without getting tired after a longtime watching
5: Super High Refresh Rate, High Frame Frequency, No Ghosting & Twisting or Smear
6: Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Saving Time & Space
7: 16 Bit Grey Grade Processing, the color transition will be more natural
8: Die-cast aluminum cabinet design light and easy to transport, good flatness and seamless.
9: 16:9 Golden ration front maintenance ultra HD LED Screen

Product Parameters:

Pixel Configuration


Pixel pitch(mm)


Pixel density(dots/m2)


Module resolution(W×H)


Module size (mm)


Module weight (kg)


Maximum power consumption of the module(W)


Module of cabinet (W×H)


Cabinet resolution(W×H)


Cabinet size (mm)


Cabinet area(m2)


Cabinet weight (kg)


Cabinet level up degree(mm


Maintenance mode


Cabinet raw material

Die-casting aluminum

Single-point brightness correction


Single - point color correction


White Balance Brightness (nits)


Color Temperature (K)


Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


Deviation of center distance of light - emitting


Brightness / chromaticity uniformity




Peak power consumption (W / m2)


Average power consumption (W / m2)


Power supply requirements

AC90~264V,frequency 47-63(Hz)

Frame rate (Hz)


Drive mode

Constant drive,1/30 scan

Grayscale level


Refresh rate (Hz)


Number of color processing bits


Video playback capabilities


Operating temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Storage temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

-20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

Applicable standards


1: High quality LEDs

We choose high reliable and hign contrast NationalStar LEDs to ensure our LED display excellent performance, wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high definition, high refresh rate, high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

2:Best Driver IC

3: Brand New Generation Large Vision makes the difference

16:9 Golden ration front maintenance ultra HD LED Screen

4: Light like the feather, Colorful like the painting

5: 16:9 Golden Division Ratio

It can be point topoint spliced to the LED screen of standard 720p,1080P,3840P, etc

6: Ultra High Difinition

It delivers a truly amazing picture with extraordinary pixels producing an image that is HD quality in an LED Screen,

7: The Best Quality

Combing aesthetics and ergonomic design, it has came out with a hard, smooth molding, the die-casting aluminum material has provided the excellent quality, it featured the unique cabinet ratio design, every detail has its excellent performance. Exclusively designed signal status LED display for better monitoring of your product. Alignment hole + Locating pin design, Precisely Seamless Splicing, the Splicing gap <0.01mm. Anti-skid handle design, easy for transportation, loading and uploading. high Strength Aluminum Alloy material, the integral die-casting aluminum molding workmanship has provided with excellent flatness of the cabinet.

8: Front Servicealbe LED Screen for better experience

The front servicealbe Ultra HD LED screen cabinet has fully described the strength of its light weight, met the needs of small space or where the needs of the cabinet thickness is needed, enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on site.

9: Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Both 160 from Horizontal and Vertical for the viewing angle, Seeing from five directions, it would be still the natural and clear image in an LED screen.

10: Dual Backup Interface, Challenging all Possibilities

Supporting dual control system, dual power supply backup, automatically switch the picture in an LED screen when it occures any problems to make sure a stable and reliable image.

11: Ultra fast response, chasing after the future

The response speed exceeds the response limit of the naked eyes, while playing the high speed dynamic images in an LED screen it will have more advantages, there will be no ghosting and twisting and it will perfectly provide the dynamic images.

12: 16bit Grey Scale, More natural Color transition

It has almost the perfect grey scale and gives true color of the images, there will have no data loss and you could see every detail clearly.

13: High Contrast Ratio, Highlight the details

high-end black body SMD encapsulation, Excellent perfomance, it has outstanding performanc when works on the color and has very good contrast.

14: Strong Performance

This ultra HD LED screen with features ofultra light weight, ultra slim, easy transportation, stable and reliable performance etc. its products have been used in many prestigious places like: command center, puble CCTV system, broadcasting and TV center, meeting room, etc

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