Outdoor P5mm SMD LED Display

    Colorlight Outdoor Ph5mm LED video wall, Waterproof SMD IP65 led display screen

    P5 outdoor SMD led display has resolution of 40000 pixels each square meter. Before Ph4mm outdoor smd led displays were developed, P5 had been the smallest pitch outdoor LED display. Because of the fact of lower cost than Ph4mm, it’s now getting very popular to use  Ph5mm for the installations which need to show clear video and pictures on the led displays.

    Thanks to the semiconductor technology and production process being mature, we finally launched out 5mm pitch outdoor full color LED display.The LED display’s pixel pitch will become smaller and smaller and this is irreversible trend.  We have to follow the trend to meet our customers’ request better. Our R & D team spare no effort to design the reliable Ph5mm outdoor LED display. With 40000 pixels per square meter, it can play very clear and showy image, videos and animations.  It is a perfect product for high ending outdoor adverts.

    In the recent years, Our Ph5mm outdoor LED display stands out in the display industry by its high reliability, high stability, high quality, best visual experience, nice color consistency and mixture. In addition, with affordable price, Colorlight P5 outdoor LED displays not only have obtained customers's reputation but also have been highly praised and appreciated by other led display manufacturers. Choosing Colorlight P5 LED display screen means you have chosen experience, reliability and heart to heart service. In addition, hundreds of mature projects have been proved the stability of our Ph5mm outdoor SMD led screen product. we are proud to recommend our Ph5mm Outdoor LED display to you. Welcome to contact us, Outdoor Ph4mm/Ph6mm/Ph6.67mm/Ph8mm/Ph10mm/Ph16mm Specs available upon request.

    Outdoor P5mm LED Video Wall Parameters


    Technical parameter

    LED Module

    Module size


    Pixel pitch


    Pixel density

    40  ,  000     dots/m2

    Pixel configuration


    Led specification

    SMD  2727

    Pixel resolution


    Power System

    Working voltage


    Average power consumption

    400W  /m2

    Max. Power consumption

    ≤800W/  m2


    ≤20mA(single LED)

    Control system


    Pentium4 or above

    Operating system


    Control method


    Main technical parameter

    Driving device

    1/8 scan

    Drive type

    Constant Current driver IC

    Refresh frequency


    Grey scale/colors

    256 levels of each color(R/G/B)/16.7M color

    Brightness white balance

    More than   650  0 cd/  m2

    Brightness adjustment

    256 levels of each color(R/G/B)by software

    Operating ambient humidity


    Video signal


    Control system

    DVI display card+full color controller card



    Life span



    Tolerance of interpixel ≤0.3mm

    Tolerance of modules clearance≤0.6mm

    Power switch

    Automatic switch

    Display mode


    Communication distance

    Unshielded twisted pair net line transmission distance 100m,

    max transmission distance 200m.

    Multi-mode Optic fiber transmission distance 500m;Single-mode

    optic fiber transmission distance 10KM


    Colorlight LED Control System and   LEDVISION


    • Higher contrast ratio: High quality LED to ensure Outdoor P5 LED sign has a high contrast rate and video is clearer and showy.
    • Best viewing angle reach to 160° horizontal and 120° vertical, you will see a clear and showy picture or smooth video showing on the screen at different angle.
    • Perfect visual effect: 40000 pixels density per square meter and 5mm pixel pitch to ensure a best balance between brightness and resolution.
    • High quality LED to ensure P5 outdoor LED sign has a excellent white balance even in semi-outdoor environment
    • Adopted with High quality LED material and applied with strict quality control in order to ensure its high reliability and stability.
    • Slim & Light design: outdoor P5 LED screen adopts self developed aluminum or steel structure to ensure the display light weight, good flatness, excellent heat dissipation and smoothness, easy to handle and transport
    • P5mm Outdoor LED Display with 2 years warranty, 7/24 heart to heart befor-sale and after-sale service.
    • Automatically adapt brightness to the changes of its surroundings for energy saving.
    • High quality, High stability, 24/7 running, reliable non-stop.
    • Easy installation and maintenance: module design to ensure easy installation and maintenance. save you labor and time.
    • Customized size and structure design is available, OEM & ODM are welcomed too.

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