Magnesium Alloy LED Display 960×960mm

Magnesium Alloy LED Display
960×960mm Cabinet Size
320mm*160mm LED Display Panel
Fixed, Rental and Perimeter LED display

Magnesium Alloy LED Display 960×960mm LED Screen for indoor and outdoor, full color RGB LED display with 960mm cabinet size and 320mm*160mm LED display panel. multi-functional LED display as Fixed, Rental and Perimeter LED Display.

Main Product Features:

1: Standard Size Panel: 320*160mm
2: Standard Cabinet Size: 960*960mm
2: Cabinet Material: Magnesium Alloy
3: High brightness, high gray scale, high refresh rate
5: LED Pixel: P2.5mm/P3.07mm/P4mm/P5mm/P6.67mm/P8mm/P10mm

1: Magnesium Alloy LED Display

Colorlight Magnesium Alloy 960×960mm Series LED Display is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. the LED screen cabinet dimension is 960mm width and 960mm height and the cabinet structure apply to 320mm*160mm LED display module.


2: Standard Cabinet 960mm×960mm Size and Panel Size 320×160mm

With a unified cabinet size and structure to offer more choice of LED display ranging from Pixel pitch of 2.5mm, P3.07mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P8mm P10mm, which of those has the same screw hole and panel size of 320*160mm.  Standard structure design to ensure replacing LED screen module is easy and convenient, for example, changing from P5mm LED module to P10mm LED module, or changing from P8mm LED display to P4mm LED display. The same LED display cabinet, more different pixels to choose.


3: Perfect Cabinet Design

Excellent cabinet structure with fast lock, top handle, locating tab, Power Supply Port, Signal Connetor, Door Key and cabinet frame.


4: Ultrathin, Super light

Colorlight Magnesium Alloy LED Screen is only 26kg, easy to transport . and it reduces the expense of transportation and makes the LED display is convenient to install.


5: Excellent Visual Effect

Latest SMD LED techology to make Colorlight Magnesium Alloy 960mm Series LED video wall has a Impressive visual experience with high refresh rate, high contrast and high grey level.


6: Seamless Splicing and Precise Connecting

With left, right, top and down fast lock, the colorlight magnesium alloy 960mm LED sign cabinet can be fastly and precisely connected with each other, no gaps, very high flatness, offering you clean image and video viewing.


7: Multi installation Ways

Colorlight Magnesium Alloy 960mm Series LED scren is multi-functional. you can use fixed installation, rental installation and perimeter installation. standard cabinet structure is for Fixed installation LED display usage, while adding flying bar, you can use it as Rental LED display, while adding soft moudle mask, rubber cushion and back bracket, you can use it as sports perimeter LED display.


8: For Indoor and Outdoor

To meet all kinds of market demand., Colorlight 960mm Magnesium Alloy LED display offers 5 kind of pixel pitches for outdoor installation and 5 kind of pixel pitches for indoor installation. Oudoor LED display include P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm. indoor LED display include P2.5mm, P3.07mm, P4mm, P5mm, P10mm.