• Colorlight i8 LED Receiver Card
Colorlight i8 LED Receiver Card

Colorlight i8 LED Receiver Card

Colorlight i8 is a high-end receiving card developed for fine-pitch LED screens featuring a large load capacity and up to 32 parallel data groups or 128 serial data groups. 

Due to its small form factor, i8 is best fit into concise cabinets. With DDR2 SODIMM interface, it can be effortlessly integrated into the HUBS and the display modules, 

allows for flexible screen design.

i8 not only has all the functions of mainstream receiving cards, but also a series of practical and powerful features helping high-end displays to maximize video performance 

with stunning clarity. i8 can be perfectly used in high-end rentals as well as fine-pitch fix-installed LED screens.


Display effect

• 8bit/10bit video source input.

• HDR10 and HLG.

• Full gamma independent adjustment.

• Infi-bit grayscale compensation technology.

• Low latency.

• Color temperature adjustment.

• Grayscale refinement.

• Better gray at low brightness.

Correction processing

• High precise per-pixel calibration in brightness and chromaticity.

Easy maintenance

• Seam correction.

• Highlight and OSD.

• Color gamut adjustment.

• Screen rotation.

• Prestore picture.

• Firmware upgrade without power restart.

• 8-way, up to 16 intelligent modules.

• Irregular module, 4 modules with different wiring.

Stable and reliable

• Loop redundancy.

• Dual receiving card hot backup. 

• PSU redundancy.

• Configuration parameter redundancy. 

• Calibration coefficient redundancy. 

• Firmware redundancy and readback.

• Ethernet cable status monitoring,

• 7×24h uninterrupted work.


Colorlight i8 Specification (PDF Version)


Colorlight i8 Firmware V7.00