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  • A8 Dual Mode LED Control Card
  • A8 Dual Mode LED Control Card
A8 Dual Mode LED Control CardA8 Dual Mode LED Control Card

A8 Dual Mode LED Control Card

Colorlight A8 Dual Mode LED Display Card, Synchronous & Asynchronous working mode, Full-color RGB Controller Colors 256*256 Pixel Extended 2G Memory A8 LED Control Card

Colorlight A8 LED Control Card, also called Colorlight RDA8F dual-mode system, support online synchronous mode and off-line asynchronous mode, which means, A8 Card can be used not only as a asynchronous system, but also as an synchronous system, also tow modes can be switched to each other automatically and conveniently. so A8 card switch to record-broadcast real-timely base on the Synchronous and Asynchronous two working modes.A8 has large capacity memorizer and one-key video function


1: A8 card Control area : single dual color max pixels:512*256; full color max pixels:256 *256
2: Gray adjustment:No gray to 65,536 gray arbitrary adjustments to the default 4096
3: Support asynchronous control,so you do not need to connect it with the computer all the time.
4: Support cascade control,can use more than one A8 controller card to achieve larger control pixels range.
5: A8 card can complete all signal transmission, no need LED receiving card.
6: Support full color video showing and multi-language such as English, Simple Chinese, etc
7: Support large area display, the display control area can be expanded easily
8: A8 card read content directly from the memory, so customers no need to do nothing with graphics card as well as control area.
9: Use Gigabit network Interface communication
10: Each card Contains 1Gbit onboard memory to store content.
11: Multi-screen simultaneously: Multi -screen work can be any combination of state, switching, and software testing its own display connections.
12: A key link easily determine the order that connection location.
13: PLL frequency:need't through the DVI get datas, the cards are not restricted to any automatic adjustments




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