320mmx160mm P10mm Standard Size LED Display Module

320mmX160mm P10mm Standard Size LED Display Module P10 LED screen module panel With High Brightness and Best Color Uniformity, Full Color P10 LED screen panel with best contrast. Standard Size 320x160mm P10mm LED display module can work together with Outdoor P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P8mm LED screen Panel which have the same moduel size 320mmx160mm and the same screws holes. you can repalce the led module freely without change the existing led display cabinet and structure.

P10mm outdoor led module Main Specifications:

Pixel pitch 10mm P8mm P6.67mm P5mm P4mm
Module Size 320X160 mm 320X160mm
Model Pixel 32X16Pixels 40X20Pixels
48X24Pixels 64X32Pixels
Pixel form RGB 3in1 SMD RGB 3in1 SMD
RGB 3in1 SMD
RGB 3in1 SMD
RGB 3in1 SMD
Drive mode( Optional) 1/2scan 1/5scan
Blind spot rate <0.00001
Software Support window series system
Working Environment
Temp:-20Celsius degree-+60Celsius degree
Humidity : 10%-90%
Working voltage
Lifetime >=100000 hours
Warranty 3 Years

1: same screws holes and smae size module

Outdoor Standard Size SMD LED Display Module including P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P8mm and P10mm.

1.High Quality LEDs

We choose Nationstar LED for outdoor P10mm stadard size 320x160mm LED display module, so it feautres high reliability and high contrast, Super wide wiewing range.

2: Best Quality Material, Modules and Chips

The material, modules and chips are selected with great care. We purchase the material from reputed vendors. we use the Best Driving IC,such as MBI5124,SUM16136 with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology.