Choosing a P8 Outdoor LED display means you’re choosing experience, reliability, and a display customized for you. Two sizes combine quickly in the field to form a P8 Outdoor fixed LED display of any shape or size. Depending on its excellent product quality, many customers choose the P8mm Outdoor fixed LED display which is manufactured using the highest quality LED components, offering stunning brightness, contrast, and color reproduction. welcome to wholesale SMD P8mm Outdoor fixed LED display from us. P5mmP6mm, P10 pixel pitch options are available too.

P8 outdoor LED screen

If you want to show HD videos or advertisements with an LED screen and the viewing distance is very close, a P8mm outdoor full-color LED sign will be a good choice for you, with a pixel pitch of 8mm, the P8 LED display can offer clear image without graininess even in 8 to 10 meters. Wider viewing angle, excellent color mixture, higher brightness, IP65 waterproof Level, and good stability, all these features can meet your needs for a perfect HD LED display. Welcome to contact us for the P8 outdoor LED display more details.


• Higher contrast ratio: High-quality LED to ensure the Outdoor P8 LED sign has a high contrast rate and the video is clearer and showy.
• The best viewing angle reaches 160° horizontal and 120° vertical, you will see a clear and showy picture or smooth video showing on the screen at different angles.
• Perfect visual effect: 15625 pixels density per square meter and 8mm pixel pitch to ensure the best balance between brightness and resolution.
• High-quality LED to ensure the P8 outdoor LED sign has an excellent white balance even in a semi-outdoor environment
• Adopted with High quality LED material and applied with strict quality control in order to ensure its high reliability and stability.
• Slim & Light design: The outdoor P8 LED screen adopts self self-developed aluminum or steel structure to ensure the display is lightweight, has good flatness, excellent heat dissipation and smoothness, easy to handle and transport
• P8mm Outdoor LED Display with 2 years warranty, 7/24 heart to heart befor-sale and after-sale service.
• Automatically adapt brightness to the changes in its surroundings for energy saving.
• High quality, High stability, 24/7 running, reliable non-stop.
• Easy installation and maintenance: module design to ensure easy installation and maintenance. save you labor and time.
• Customized size and structure design are available, OEM & ODM are welcome too.


LED Module







LED Arrangement

SMD3535  3IN1

Driver Mode

Dynamic 1/4 Duty constant current




Pure Black mask-high contrast screen

LED Cabinet

Cabinet Size

768mm,1024mm,1280mm are Avaliable

Cabinet Material

Steel or Aluminum


About 45 kg/m2

Electricity Parameter

Optical Ratings



View Angle

140 degrees ( horizontal)  140degree(vertical)

View Distance


Gray Scale

8bits input, correction with 14bits

Display Color


Brightness Adjustment

100 levels

Power Supply

Operation Power

AC100-240V 50-60HZ  Switch-able

Maxim Power Consumption

800 W/m2

Average Power Consumption

500 W/m2

Control System

Correction Scale Level


Frame Update Frequency


Screen Refresh Frequency


Gamma Correction


Support Input

Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI

Control Distance

Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km

Support VGA Mode


Color Temperature

5000-9300 adjustable

Brightness Correction

dot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet

SoftwareLEDVISION, or similar software of Novastar, Linsn


Operating Temp.

-20-60 Celsius degree

Operating Humidity

10-95% RH

Operating Life

100,000 hours


5000 hours

Continuous Working Time

≥48 hours

Protection Level

IP65 Waterproof

Out of Control Pixel Rate


High quality LEDs

We choose high reliable and hign contrast NationalStar LEDs to ensure our LED display excellent performance, wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high definition, high refresh rate, high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.

Best Driver IC

We use top driver ICs like MBI5124, ICN2037, or  ICN2053 for peak performance and stable images. Advanced ICs ensure reliable and clear displays in various applications.

Larger Viewing Angle

Vertical 160, horizontal 160 viewing visual, it offers you clear and natural images in all directions.

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