LED Display Best Viewing Distance

LED display best viewing distance is an importanct parameter for us to choose a suitable LED display (Shenzhen Colorlight LED Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is an high quality indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, LED video wall manufacturer and supplier in China.). For various pixel pitch LED display, the best viewing distance is different. The following formula is for your reference to calculate the best viewing distance of LED display.

Min viewing distance  = Pixel pitch (mm) × 1000;
Best vieiwng distance = Pixel pitch (mm) × 3000;

For you reference, we have calculated all the best viewing distacne for all most of pixel pitch LED display, please check the following table.

Pixel Pitch Min Viewing Distance (Meter) Best Viewing Distance (Meter)
P2mm 2 6
P2.5mm 2.5 7.5
P3mm 3 9
P4mm 4 12
P5mm 5 15
P6mm 6 18
P6.67mm 6.7 20
P7.62mm 7.6 22
P8mm 8 24
P10mm 10 30
P16mm 16 48

From above tables, we know that, the suitable viewing distance of P10 LED display is 10m-30m.So if the viewers is from 10m, we will recommend you to choose P10 LED screen. but you also can choose P6, P6.67, P7.62, P8, or P16. the tables is just for reference to help you to select a suitable LED display, which have many factors to make your decision. Contact us to make a perfect decision for your requirement now.

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