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Colorlight LED Briefing Leasing Q7 HD sending card

colorlight led control card overview

Colorlight LED Briefing Leasing (The Second Issue). This Briefing Leasing is about Colorlight Q7 HD Sending Card: not simply the two conventional sending card splice.
Q7 HD Sending Card is a control card that has large loading area and stable function. It also has test, adjustment function and special custom function. Many screen factories speak highly of it as soon as comes into the market.

Colorlight Q7 LED Sending Card

colorlight led control card solution features

1: Oversized loading area: Support four-port network, it can load 2620000 pixels in all, single port 650000 pixels (Single sending card loads 2560 (maximum width), 1536 (maximun height)),
2: Self-adaptive resolution: Automatically match any resolution, support maximum resolution 2560*1536..
3: Test function: Realize the whole screen test without computer (red, green, blue, white, gray scale and grid test, etc).
4: Brightness adjustment:  16-level brightness adjustment, real-time effect, and parameters will be automatically saved to sending card.
5: Image resize function: Resize image as arbitrary proportion, the small screen displays the big image.
6: Sending card cascade: A computer can control multiple sending cards easily.
7: Real-time parameter: Sending card can save and send screen parameters, convenient for installing onsite case.
8: Special custom function: Time management function (follow-up and management on program time)

colorlight led control card solution case

P5 full color led display, 2304*768 display resolution, 6 cases in height, 9 cases in width, single case loads 256*128 pixels. Only use multiple Colorlight 5A LED Receiving Card and one Colorlight Q7 LED Sending Card to load the screen of 1760000 pixels easily, don't need splicing sending cards and video splicer.

P5 full color led display

Questions and Answers

Question 1:How many pixels can a sending card Q7 loads in maximum on a screen?

Answer 1: 2,620,000 pixels oversize loading area, single sending card can load 2560 (maximum Width), 1536 (maximum height)

Question 2:Are there any other features, in addition to large loading area?

Answer 2:
--Error rate detection (detect the performance of netting twine between the screen and receiving card and fault diagnosis ) .
--DVI information display (display frame rate, blanking and the clock to diagnose the state of display card and video processor).
--Support audio transmission (collect audio data from the computer sound card with the assistance of multi-function card).
--NIC splice (up-down and left-right arbitrary splice of the four Ethernet ports).
-- Vice-window play (solve the problem that different specifications screen are used to play the same frame). Besides, multi- screen setting, dual-machine backup, background play, brightness\ color temperature


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