Transparent LED display Front Light and Side Light

As we all know that there are two types of transparent screens that emit light: front light and side light. So, for non-professional customers, which one is better? Below,we will analyze from a technical point of view, what are the advantages of side light transparent led display screen .

Transparent LED display

First, higher permeability

Side-emitting LEDs are generally more transparent than front light transparent LED display . For example, Aleuda's ATW curtain wall series Transparent LED Display, model ATW10, has a side light transmittance of 80%, while the same type of front light LED display transmittance is only 70%.

Second, the effect is better

Front light-emitting LED transparent screen As the lamp brackets on both sides of the shield, the brightness decreases from the best position in the middle along both sides, too low brightness causes the audience on both sides of the stage to see the image on the screen at all. The side-emitting full-color LED transparent screen is not covered by the bracket, and the brightness increases from both sides of the screen in front of the screen. The front and left and right sides are the best viewing surfaces, so that the overall performance of the stage is better.

Third, a broader perspective

Front-emission LED is a standard lamp bead of a conventional LED display, which can ensure a viewing angle of 140°; a side-emitting LED is installed on the upper side or lower side of a light bar, and the viewing angle can reach 160°, providing a wider viewing angle From the perspective, the audience on both sides of the stage can also enjoy the ultimate stage visual feast.

Fourth, strong protection and maintenance

In the field of stage leasing, the frequent use of LED transparent screens for loading and unloading and repeated use is inevitable due to bumps. Therefore, the durability of the products is very high. Front light LED transparent screen in the collision and fall, the lamp beads directly by force, can easily cause the screen to die. The side-emitting full-color transparent LED glass screen at the beginning of the design, in the bump, the side of the light bar directly by force, but also broken the dead lights, simply replace the light bar, simple and quick.

The above is the advantage of the transparent screen side emitting light contrasting front light emission. COLORLIGHT LED as a well-known transparent led display manufacturers, has always been committed to providing customers with high quality and stable products, the transparency of the LED transparent screen to the extreme, professional and dedicated, responsible for the heart, but also thank our customers and friends have been Trust and support.

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