The Most Important Full Color LED Display Accessories

The full-color LED display is assembled from many accessories. There are four Important LED Display Accessories as following.

1, power supply:

The stability and performance of the power supply determine the performance of the display, and the power supplies for various models are also exquisite. The power required for the led display is calculated based on the power of the cell board, and the requirements for various models are different.

2, Cabinet:

According to the size of the Cabinet, a plurality of unit boards form a Cabinet body, and the plurality of Cabinet bodies are assembled into one screen. The cabinet is professionally built with simple cabinets and waterproof cabinets.

3, LED display module:

The LED display module is composed of a kit, a bottom case, a mask, etc. The full-color LED display is composed of one LED module, which is the large-screen led screen that we now see.

4, the LED display control system:

The LED display control system is an important part of the display screen. The video transmission is sent to the LED receiving card of the full-color LED display through the LED sending card and the display card. The LED receiving card sends the signal to the HUB board in segments: Install one on the receiving card. Adapter plate (usually also called HUB board), the receiving card transmits the data to the transfer board, and then the data on the transfer board is transmitted to the single or single-row full-color led display screen module of the display screen box through the cable. In the group, then between the LED module and the LED module, the data is connected through the cable. Generally, there is only one socket for the adapter board, that is, one adapter board can only transmit data of 8 or 8 LED modules. . If there are more rows or columns, an adapter board can be added to the receiving card. For the LED indoor full-color display receiving algorithm and LED outdoor full-color display is not the same, because the LED indoor screen and LED outdoor screen pixel and scanning methods are not the same, so there is a difference in the LED receiving card. Led display control, debugging and led display control system related.

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