Product Specification

Colorlight 5A-F LED Display Receiver Card Specification

Colorlight 5A-F LED Display Receiver Card Product Specification, download to see detail parameters and more info about colorlight 5A-F LED Display Control System.

Colorlight 5A-F LED Display Receiver Card needs Colorlight LEDVISION Software to configure,please check the following software and manual.

>Colorlight 5A-F LED Receiver Card Specification Online Reading

>Colorlight LEDVISION User Manual PDF Version Download

>Colorlight LEDVISION User Manual Online Reading

>Colorlight LEDVISION 3.62 Software Setup Download

>Colorlight LEDVISION 3.50 Software Setup Download

>Colorlight LEDVISION 3.15 Software Setup Download

>Colorlight LEDVISION 2.05 Software Setup Download


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