5A Receiver-Card upgrade steps

一、 Upgrade

The 5A receiver card will need to upgrade (hereinafter referred to as 5A) connected to a computer by Gigabit Ethernet or the send card (both upgrade is the same way, In this paper, Gigabit Ethernet, for example).Power on (5V/2A). Note: Recommend an upgrade 10-20.

  1. Open LEDVISION , Setting—Hardware Maintain.


  2. The password is “cl”, and “ok”.


  3. Detect, Right of the dialog box shown in 5A card with the actual number of connections are the same. If not, check the network cable, and power of each 5A card.


    I connected the eight pieces of 5A card, and the software show “detect 8 receiver cards”, the

    connection is normal, can be the next step.

  4. ClickUpgrade All…orUpgrade One…. The password iscl8, Selection process (xxx.hex).Wait the software show all of 5A, they are read back hardware program of cards successes.


Note: 1, the upgrade process can not be broken off or the signal. Otherwise, the upgrade fails, the need to return to factory upgrade.

2, when the validation fails, or check the software prompts success 0, do not power off, continue to repeat Step 4 until the software prompts verification success.

二、 Restart 5A

After the upgrade is successful, restart 5A, detection, has been updated. Congratulations, upgrade success!


1. Read Rcv Program

This program is a way to get the hardware. Also in accordance with the steps to upgrade a 5A card connected, and to its power.

‘Hardware Maintain’click ‘Read Rcv Program...’or ‘Read Certain One Program ...’


Save the file and give it a name, click ‘Save’.

After the success of the software prompts read back ,the file (xxx.hex) is 5A hardware program.