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Colorlight E120 LED Receiver Card

Colorlight E120 LED display Receiver Card , load up to 192×1024pixels, support up to 24 groups of parallel data or 32 groups of serial data
Colorlight E120 LED Receiving Card

Colorlight E120 receiving card is a specially introduced high cost-effect product of Colorlight,which is designed for customers to save cost, reduce points of fault and failure rate. E120 single card can load up to 192×1024pixels, support up to 24groups of parallel data or 32 groups of serial data. Based on the technical advantages of conventional receiving cards, E120 can be integrate into HUB75 interfaces, which is more reliable and more economical on the premise of ensuring high-quality display.


8bit video source input:

8bit color depth video source input and output, monochrome grayscale is 256, can be matched with 16777216 kinds of mixed colors

240Hz frame rate:

Adaptive frame rate technology, not only supports

23.98/24/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz regular and non-integer frame rates, but also outputs and displays 120/240Hz high frame rate pictures, which greatly improves picture fluency and reduces drag film. (Note: it will affect the load).

Color temperature adjustment:

Adjustment of color temperature, that is, saturation adjustment, to enhance the expressiveness of the picture.

Better gray at low brightness:

By optimizing the gamma meter algorithm, the display screen can maintain the integrity and perfect display of gray scale when reducing the brightness, showing the display effect of low brightness and high gray scale.

Pixel-to-pixel calibration in brightness and chromaticity:

8bit precision brightness and chromaticity correction point by point, which can effectively eliminate the chromatic aberration of the lamp point, ensure the uniformity and consistency of the color brightness of the entire screen, and improve the overall display effect.

Cabinet highlight:

Using the control software, you can quickly mark the selected target cabinet, display a flashing box on the front of the cabinet, and change the flashing frequency of the cabinet indicator at the same time, which is convenient for front and rear maintenance.

Quick OSD:

Using the control software, you can quickly mark the actual hardware connection serial number of the receiving card corresponding to the Ethernet port, which is convenient for setting the connection relationship of the screen.

Screen rotation:

Support the single cabinet image to be rotated at 90°/180°/270° angles, and with part of the main control, the single cabinet image can be rotated and displayed at any angle.

Data group offset:

Screen offset in units of data groups, suitable for simple special-shaped screens.

Bit error detection:

It supports the detection of data transmission quality and error code between receiving cards, and can easily and quickly identify the cabinet with abnormal hardware connection, which is convenient for maintenance.

Loop redundancy:

The redundant Ethernet port is used to increase the connection with the transmitting equipment and increase the reliability of cascading between equipment. When one circuit fails, it can realize seamless switching to the other circuit and ensure the normal display of the screen.

Firmware redundancy:

It supports firmware program backup and can be upgraded safely. There is no need to worry about the loss of the firmware program due to cable disconnection or power interruption during the upgrade process.


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